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the person or entity having administrative and fiscal responsibility for the owned element and the right to exclusively control and use it for one’s own purposes. Ownership is the state or fact of having exclusive possession or control of some object facility intellectual property or some other kind of property (1). The Texas Transportation Code has the following definitions of owner:

Title 7 §541.001 defines the owner as “a person who has a property interest in or title to a vehicle. The term: (a) includes a person entitled to use and possess a vehicle subject to a security interest; and (b) excludes a lienholder and a lessee whose lease is not intended as security.”

Title 7 §501.001 defines the owner as “a person, other than a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or dealer, claiming title to or having a right to operate under a lien a motor vehicle that has been subject to a first sale.”

Title 7 §502.001 defines the owner as “a person who: (a) holds the legal title of a vehicle; (b) has the legal right of possession of a vehicle; or (c) has the legal right of control of a vehicle” (8).

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