Texas CAV Task Force

What benefits will the citizens in the state of Texas see with connected and automated vehicles traveling on its roadways? 

Improve public safety.

Fewer conflicts and crashes will lead to improved passenger and pedestrian safety. 


Self-driving cars may alter travel patterns and change how the vehicles are used and operate together, which may change how road capacity needs are addressed. 

More reliable travel time.

The ability to constantly monitor traffic will substantially reduce uncertainty in travel times via real-time, predictive assessment of travel times on all routes 

Improved mobility for the elderly, disabled, and youth.

Driverless vehicles could be the conduit to provide needed transportation to those who currently have difficulties with mobility 

Improved energy efficiency.

Reduced energy consumption in at least three ways: more efficient driving; lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles; and reduced carbon emissions 

New models for vehicle ownership.

Self-driving vehicles could lead to a major redefinition of vehicle ownership and expand opportunities for vehicle sharing 

New business models and scenarios.

CAV technology will blur the lines between public and private industries, creating an emphasis on collaboration transportation innovation  

Enable new business opportunities for Texas.

Empower appropriate regulations.

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