Texas CAV Task Force

What are the top infrastructure needs for CAV efforts?

According to the Minnesota DOT, Preparing Roads for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, the infrastructure considerations for CAV include the following:

  • Pavement Markings – width and material.
  • Signing – standardized, easily visible, and not blocked, damaged or faded.
  • Traffic Signals – Create space at signal control cabinets for additional hardware related to CAV technologies.
  • Consistency and Standardization – Install and maintain striping, signing and signals consistent with CAV algorithms and technologies.
  • Pavement Maintenance.
  • Data Capture and Information Sharing – Begin or continue collecting and organizing data for bridge heights, speed limits, load restrictions, crosswalks, roadway curvatures and other infrastructure characteristics.
  • Communication Infrastructure. – In new construction and information technology infrastructure built for agency use, ensure adequate conduits for power and fiber optic cables.
  • High-Resolution Mapping – Consider developing high-resolution mapping capabilities (MnDOT 2019).
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