Texas CAV Task Force

What are some future issues the CAV task force might address?

  • Crash and Incident Reporting Requirements 
  • Changes in ownership, changes in freedoms 
  • Extreme events and mass rescue
  • Resourcing and organizational alignment 
  • Lessons learned and successes  
  • Testing experiences & feedback from manufacturers/OEMs on infrastructure needs 
  • Standardizing and Harmonizing State Regulations: Vehicle Code, Enforcement and Compliance 
  • Multistate corridors 
  • Cross border/jurisdictional interoperability 
  • Peer network development & support, best practice synthesis, research needs & projects (supplement NCHRP & FHWA), research products/tools/guidance implementation & training 
  • Advice on where the state can make investments 
  • Electrification 
  • Environmental aspects 
  • Impacts to revenue for road systems 
  • Changes in public transportation 
  • Changes in traffic location, density 
  • Technical Details / Operating Design Domains 
  • Insurance and financial responsibility / liability 
  • Examine multi-modal applications and seams 
  • Changing workforce impacts and agency staffing 
  • Education curriculum and public engagement 
  • Law enforcement interaction 
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